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ENTERS UiA (Enabling New Technologies for Regenerative Systems) is a newly created group from the University of Agder that will be focusing on research and competance development on Circular Economy and sustainability topics. The Faculty of Engineering and Science has kindly provided seed money for two years to establish our cross-disciplinary research group. ENTERS UiA has partners that currently encompass the departments of ICT, Civil Engineering, Mechatronics, Global Development and Planning, Renewable Energy and Industrial Economy but we are very open to inviting more participants from both within and outside of UiA. It doesn't matter if you have knowledge of circular economy and sustainability issues or not, only that you want to contribute!

Circular economy is in spirit a truly cross-disciplinary field that addreses both global and local enviromental and resource constraint issues by reimagining the basic assumptions in the current "make, use, and dispose" linear economy. Our group wants to explore these challenges, work on solutions and collaborate with partners who are as equally passionate to create a regenerative and sustainable economic system. If you are interested in learning more about CE and joining our group, we would like you to be a part of our Kick Off meeting on Wednesday, June 6th at UiA Campus Grimstad.

Registration is binding. Free lunch is provided. The meeting will be in English.

 Any questions or comments? Please contact or use the "Contact us" form.


Onsdag 6. juni 2018 kl. 09.00 - 12.30
Mandag 28. mai 2018 kl. 23.59

Aktiviteten er ferdig og det er ikke mulig å melde seg på lenger.

Preliminary Program

9:00 am - Welcome speech by the Dean of Engineering and Science, Michael Rygaard Hansen

9:10 am - What is circular economy?  Magnus Mikael Hellström and Reyn O'Born, UiA

9:30 am - What does ENTERS UiA want to achieve? Gunstein Skomedal and Reyn O'Born, UiA

9:50 am - NCE Eyde-Cluster and Circular Economy in practice, with Helene Fladmark, head of Eyde-Cluster

10:20 am - Sources of funding for CE research, Søren Kragholm, UiA

10:30 am - Coffee break

10:40 am - Group activity 1

11:30 am - Group activity 2

12:10 pm - Lunch and socializing in Uglandsstua



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