Beginners Norwegian Course - GRM - Spring 2019

Beginners A0-A1: 10 Tuesdays from 16. January to 20. March, 9.15am – 11am.

PULS offers Norwegian courses for those of UIA’s academic staff with international backgrounds who wish to learn Norwegian or build upon their current level of proficiency. Courses for complete beginners and more advanced students will take place each semester. 

Each individual will have the opportunity to participate in such courses for a maximum of four semesters. PULS will cover costs connected to the teaching itself; expenses for books, course materials and any exams must be funded by the individual concerned or others. 

Courses in Norwegian will also be offered via the municipal councils, comprising of evening classes for those who are not able to take the courses at UIA. If PULS is to cover the costs connected to these, registration must take place via PULS.

Permanent staff at UiA are prioritised participants. If there are available spaces, other employees will also be able to join. The maximum number of employees per course is 10. 

  • The course material is called "På vei Tekstbok (2012), Norsk og samfunnskunnskap for voksne innvandrer". The ISBN number is 9788202340940. The book can be purchased from several book stores, or borrowed at the library.


Course leader: Kirstin A. Håland. email:

Contact PULS: Ann Kristin Skjølingstad email:


Campus Grimstad
From Wednesday January 16th 2019 at 09:15
To Wednesday March 20th 2019 at 11:00
Wednesday January 16th 2019 at 00:00
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